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The world of HYBRIDS is built on a foundation of real science which anchors the reader in a more plausible and believable narrative. Accompanying the main story is the addition of a glossary – The S-TECH Supplement – which provides a detailed overview of the myriad scientific and technological advancements of the last 200 years. The supplement offers a framework for the story, complements the world-building, and makes for a more complete and credible narrative into which the reader will be drawn. This page is focused on the real-world science of today that Hybrids foretells will underpin the technologies tomorrow. These are authentic, peer-reviewed papers, with links.

Lee SJ. (2007). PLoS ONE; 8 (789), 1-8.

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Lee et al. (2006). IEEE Transactions on Magnetics; 42(7);



Greca et al. (2020). American Chemical Society, 14(10);


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Bostrom N et al. (2017). Philosophy and Medicine (122);


Pisa S et al. (2014). The Open Biomedical Engineering Journal;

8, 1-12.


Dang et al. (2018). International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems; 1-9.

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